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A little background

My name is Donald Jackson and for more than 15 years I have been a waterbed technician based in Central Scotland.

Having owned a waterbed for the past 25+ years, it was my enjoyment and enthusiasm for them which led to my current occupation. As owner of Waterbed Service, I am passionate about what I do and believe in building strong personal relationships.

We are experienced in all aspects of waterbed maintenance: From repair through to servicing, we can usually order the materials needed for most brands of waterbeds and install or repair as necessary.

For more details on how to help protect your waterbed and lengthen your enjoyment of it please look at some of the services we offer.

We Service Akva Waterbeds

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What We Do

Full Annual Service

Waterbeds should be washed and conditioned once a year as well as topped up or ‘burped’ to prolong their lifespan and avoid the need for repairs [read more].

Moving House

Are moving house or redecorating and need your bed dismantled or reassembled? I have experience of both hardsided and soft sided waterbeds and can provide a removal service if required. Please tell me if you require your waterbed to be moved or relocated.

Convenient Appointments

Although based in Central Scotland, we can provide services across the whole of Scotland. We are even available for Sunday appointments so we come to you at your convenience - no need to take time off work!

Leaks and Repairs

If you bed is making noises or requires a repair, we would be happy to diagnose your problem and offer you a solution. This can vary from a full mattress replacement, or bed refurbishment to leakages or even ...... Burping!!!

Dismantling Service

Looking to put your waterbed into storage, even temporarily? Newer waterbeds contain fibres which create the different stability and comfort levels of the mattress. If when draining, folding or storing the mattress you cause the fibre to 'bunch up', it is possible that you will make the mattress unusable.

We can drain and dismantle it for you and make sure it is properly packaged for going into storage, without damaging the fibres.

Advice and Support

Thinking of buying a waterbed or replacing your current one and not sure where to start? We can advise you on the differences between hardside and soft sided waterbeds, whether you want Free Flow, Semi-Waveless or a Waveless mattress and much more.

We have extensive experience and can provide you with friendly, knowledgeable advice. We can order new beds or help source 'pre-loved' beds, bases and mattresses so get in touch.

Did You Know?

Fun Waterbed Facts!

Sturdier Than You Think!

With newer models containing baffles or fibres to minimise water movement, waterbeds won't make you feel seasick. Pets and children won't puncture the mattress (even when jumpingon it!) and even if your bed does leak, it will be contained within the vinyl cover, so it won't flood your house.

Allergy Friendly

Unlike traditional mattresses, waterbed mattress covers can be washed and kept free of allergens such as house dust mites which can trigger asthma, eczema, and allergies in people sensitive to them.

Get a Perfect Sleep

Research has proven that people fall into a deeper sleep quicker on a waterbed contributing to better health and a more relaxed state of mind. Your body weight is distributed evenly on the entire mattress and pressure points are prevented, releieving back ache. The warmth also makes you calm down and fall asleep quickly.

Ancient Hostory

The earliest recorded use of a 'waterbed' was over 3000 years ago when Persians slumbered on sun-warmed goat skin water bags.

Modern Waterbeds

The modern waterbed was created by Charles Prior Hall in 1968, while he was a design student at San Francisco State University in California. Fellow SFSU students Paul Heckel and Evan Fawkes also contributed to the concept. Hall originally wanted to make an innovative chair.

Easy to Switch

You don't need to strengthen your floor to have a waterbed - the weight is spread over a large area so your waterbed won't fall through your ceiling! Most waterbeds contain a heating control system with a thermostat so they are not expensive to run and maintain an even temperature.


What's included in an Annual Service?

An intensive cleaning of your mattress and accessable internal liner

Application of vinyl cream to keep the material supple

Burping the bed to ensure there are no water related noises within the mattress.

All of this means that your waterbed should remain trouble free for the coming year. An annual waterbed service should take between 40 minutes and an hour depending on the size of the bed.

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We service all of Central Scotland including Glasgow, Edinburgh, Stirling, Falkirk, Paisley, East Kilbride, Lanark, Livingston, Dumbarton, Helensburgh and more. We are happy to service anywhere in Scotland - please advise of your location and we will arrange a suitable appointment to account for the extra journey time.